Engraft Reviewed in Mascara Journal

I’m thrilled that Engraft has received its first review, and that it didn’t say anything terrible, and that it was published in such an esteemed journal. My thanks to Michelle Cahill, editor of Mascara, Anna Couani (for not saying anything terrible!) and, of course, to Island Press (Phil Hamial, Les Wicks and Martin Langford) for publishing the book in the first place.

Island were fantastic to work with and I feel honoured to be among the long list of incredible poet’s they’ve published.  Founded in 1970, they’ve made a significant contribution to independent Australian publishing, and I dearly hope that their recently cut Australia Council for the Arts grant will be reinstated so the press can continue.

If you’d like to learn more about the colorful history of Island, take a look at the first and second installment of this article published in Rochford Street Review. It’s a fascinating window into the world of poetry and publishing in Australia over the last 45 years.

And please click over to Mascara to read Engraft’s first review!


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      HI Chris. Ah, you’re the second person who’s had that happen! Could you tell me what error message you get? I might contact them.
      Many thanks for your interest in (and kind words about!) Engraft. If you’d still like to buy a copy maybe we can do a direct bank transfer? Email me if you’re keen: micheleseminara@hotmail.com Many thanks! Hope you’re well. Take care, Michele

      1. Got it! As I was emailing you I went back to see why I was only get a Paypal option and not a credit. When I got back here I tried the “Buy Now” button on your sidebar. It worked! So it appears that the sidebar button works – but not the line link on your purchase page. I’m looking forward to getting my copy! Cheers, Chris

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          Hi Chris. Aha! Thanks, I shall have to look into that. I’m so excited to be sending you a copy of Engraft. Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot! Engraft will be winging her way to you very shortly. May she fly strong and true! Please let me know when she lands šŸ™‚ Take care. Michele

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