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Michele's latest poetry collection Suburban Fantasy, a feminist exploration of the dark underbelly of suburbia, is available now from UWA Publishing.

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Praise for Suburban Fantasy

July 2021

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Seminara’s Suburban Fantasy left me with a feeling of elation. Her line ‘It is a dark world in which we dare love’ is a key to this brave poet who takes on the existential risk of writing to the edge of things. She is the finest poet of her generation.
Robert Adamson
A startlingly frank take on modern femininity, Michele Seminara's Suburban Fantasy combines finely crafted narratives with lyrical artistry and sure-footed eloquence. This is raw, fiery, firebrand feminist writing that manages to artfully co-exist with giddying intimacy and poignant soul-bearing.
Anne Casey
Seminara cleverly pulls the shades up on linguistic imagery and domestic disconformity within the folds of Suburban Fantasy — an abode of poetic reality in which we have all dwelt.
Yvette Henry Holt
The domestic world described in Seminara’s work lifts the facade of an Australian dream and reveals the turmoil and horror buried beneath. An extremely revealing, resonant and startling collection of poems by one of the finest writers at work today.
Robbie Coburn

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